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No created person, whether man or angel, would have been fit for this task. Only Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, qualified. They are at war with the fallen angels Dan. The holy angels were especially involved in praising God at the birth of the Savior Luke ; Heb. They have a special interest in the church, so that Paul tells the Corinthian women to wear long hair or a head covering in the assembly because of the angels 1 Cor. They rejoice at the salvation of sinners Luke Throughout eternity, we will join the angels in heaven, singing praises to God because of the salvation that the Lamb secured for us Rev.

Some scholars think that Ephesians refers only to the holy angels, some think it refers to the fallen angels, and some to both. I think it probably refers to both. The fallen angels are referred to by the same terms in ; in , it probably includes both. The fallen angels thought that they had triumphed at the cross, but God displayed His wisdom by using that very means to gain ultimate and final victory Col.

3. Filled With the Knowledge of His Will (Col. 1:9)

Edwards points out that the happiness of angels, as well as of people, consists very much in seeing the glory of God. And, he says ibid. Thus Peter tells us that the angels long to look into the matter of our salvation 1 Pet. We show this wisdom of God to the principalities and powers by being the church that God created. And the target for the church is to demonstrate to the evil powers of the cosmos that God has been wise in sending his Son to die that we might have hope and be unified in one body, the church.

Ephesians 3 (Part 3) :14-21 Paul's Prayer for the Church

He wants us to understand what a great privilege it is that God has chosen us to be the agents of carrying out His eternal purpose through the church. So we must see how our lives count for eternity. Rather, it is a walkie-talkie to call the general to send more troops and supplies to the front line.

If you were an aide to the President, the first time you approached him in the Oval Office, you probably would be a bit hesitant and unsure of yourself. If you have access to an exclusive club, the person at the door knows you and lets you in, whereas he will stop someone without access.

We have boldness and confident access to God in prayer. How is this possible?

Our good and ultimate glory are included in His purpose. The greatness of the cause is worth the hardship of the suffering. He said that Apple would have to offer him an astronomical salary and benefit package. Flabbergasted, Jobs gulped and agreed—if Sculley would move to California. But Sculley would only commit to being a consultant from New York. He accepted the offer and moved west.

Published by WestBowPress, New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. Shipping: Free Within U. About this Item Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Bookseller Inventory n. About this title Synopsis: This commentary on Ephesians offers a somewhat different approach to its interpretation. Excellent customer service. Within Genesis, the cha….

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Jeremiah was set aside to be the prophet to the nations. Set apart to be a voice that was not afraid….

Ephesians 1 Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers

The name is taken fr…. Whatever the question - the answer is in Proverbs! No book of the Bible gives the Christian more prac…. Matthew's Gospel was written to show that Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the…. Acts is an exciting story of church growth despite inner problems and outward conflict. The Book of …. A Psalm is basically a poem set to music and sung. For centuries the Psalms would have been the most…. The church that James writes to is messy and full of problems - just like the church in our day. Disaster and Deliverance, these two words sum up something of the message of both Joel and Obadiah.

The Thessalonian epistles give us relevant glimpses of the churches earliest times.

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