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If you are a seeker, who is sincerely seeking what would give lasting peace and tranquility of mind and soul, then Saga of a Sadhak can be a starting point for.
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Sadie Robertson. Sadie Wolfe.


Sadija Sadikovic. Sadik Hakim.


Sadista Sisters. Sadistic Abduction. Sadistic Blood Massacre. Sadistic Hallucinations. Sadistic Intent. Sadistic Mika Band.

SABDA - Sri Aurobindo: Saga of a Great Indian Sage

Sadistic Ritual. Sadistic Sacrament. Sadistik Exekution. Sadistik Forest. Sadiye Erimli. Sadler's Wells Opera Chorus. Sadler's Wells Opera Orchestra. Sadness Saturn. Sadok Tounsi. Sadomax Death. Sady Courville. Sady K Feat.

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Saeco Suzuki. Saeculum Obscurum. Saedus Darknight. Saeed Kamjoo. Saeldes Sanc. Saelin Sanghvi. Safa Shokrai. Safaree Samuels. Safari Ducks. Safari Gold. Safari So Good. Safari Sound Band. The Safaris.

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Safdar Tawakuli. Safe Barracks.

Safe Boating Is No Accident. Safe Deposit. Safe House Staff.


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Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women. Saffron Henderson. Saffron Stone. The Saffrons. Safia Zerouki. You must not regard these with fretfulness or impatience as if they were untoward gaps in the sadhana. Besides, the Force rises up lifting part of the nature on a higher level and then comes down to a lower layer to raise it; this motion of ascent and descent is often extremely trying because the mind partial to an ascent in a straight line and the vital eager for rapid fulfilment cannot understand or follow the intricate movement and are apt to be distressed by it or resent it.

But the transformation of the whole nature is not an easy thing to accomplish and the Force that does it knows better than our mental ignorance or our vital impatience. The entire oblivion of the experience means merely that there is still no sufficient bridge between the inner consciousness which has the experience in a kind of samadhi and the exterior waking consciousness. It is when the higher consciousness has made the bridge between them that the outer also begins to remember.

The Holy Quest- Sri Aurobindo and Mother of Pondicherry - A Spiritual Saga

A neutral condition of this kind serves a certain purpose in the economy of the purification and change — it brings up things that have to be transformed or rejected, lifts up some part of the being in order to expose it to the transforming force. If one can understand, remain quiet and detached from the surface movements, not identified, then it goes sooner, the Force can quickly clear out what rises and afterwards it is found that something has been gained and a progress made. These fluctuations in the force of the aspiration and the power of the sadhana are unavoidable and common to all sadhaks until the whole being has been made ready for the transformation.

When the psychic is in front or active and the mind and vital consent, then there is the intensity. When the psychic is less prominent and the lower vital has its ordinary movements or the mind its ignorant action, then the opposing forces can come in unless the sadhak is very vigilant.

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Inertia comes usually from the ordinary physical consciousness, especially when the vital is not actively supporting the sadhana. These things can only be cured by a persistent bringing down of the higher spiritual consciousness into all the parts of the being. These variations in the consciousness during the day are a thing that is common to almost everybody in the sadhana.

The principle of oscillation, relaxation, relapse to a normal or a past lower condition from a higher state that is experienced but not yet perfectly stable, becomes very strong and marked when the working of the sadhana is in the physical consciousness. For there is an inertia in the physical nature that does not easily allow the intensity natural to the higher consciousness to remain constant,— the physical is always sinking back to something more ordinary; the higher consciousness and its force have to work long and come again and again before they can become constant and normal in the physical nature.

Do not be disturbed or discouraged by these variations or this delay, however long and tedious; remain careful only to be quiet always with an inner quietude and as open as possible to the higher Power, not allowing any really adverse condition to get hold of you. If there is no adverse wave, then the rest is only a persistence of imperfections which all have in abundance; that imperfection and persistence the Force must work out and eliminate, but for the elimination time is needed. That is a frequent experience, though I suppose it is not general — not only with peace, but other things; there is a tendency towards a lowering of the consciousness in the evening.

On the other with some it is the opposite. I find more often that it is a sort of rhythm of rise and fall in the consciousness during the day. Even when peace is perfectly established, there may be this rhythm for other things that are being developed. The falling down of consciousness comes usually by some inertia coming in the consciousness through fatigue or through mere habit of relaxation or it comes through some vital reaction which one may or may not notice or it comes through a wrong movement of the mind.